Lab 12 Exercises

  1. Create a view to display information about employees from department 60, 80, 20. (employee name, surname, job)
  2. Describe the structure of the view.
  3. Use aliases for each column in your view (both ways)
  4. Retrieve data from the view (select statements)
  5. Use the OR REPLACE statement to update the view. (update the views)
  6. Create a view containing information about name, min, max, avg salary for each of the departments
  7. Create a view (VU60_1) where you compute the annual salary for each employee in department 60
  8. Insert a new employee in department 10
  9. Try to insert/update/remove an employee from VU60_1.
  10. Drop a view
  11. Create a view called EMP_VU based on the employee number, employee name, and department number from the OEHR_EMPLOYEES table (and other). Change the heading for the employee name to EMPLOYEE_FN (family name) and EMPLYEE_LN (last name)
  12. Display the content of EMP_VU
  13. Using your view create a query to display all employee names and department numbers